With a long history in managing everything from large, corporately owned, employee-only based fitness centers to unique, full service spas and apartment/condo athletic club developments; Wellbridge has developed a unique approach to working with its managed properties. Instead of creating a special division that interacts just with managed clubs, Wellbridge believes in treating its managed clubs just like its own putting the same effort, best practices, staffing and pricing into the daily, monthly and annual operations for its managed clubs. This means that Wellbridge's managed clubs also have the same marketing, sales and accounting teams that Wellbridge would hire for its owned Clubs; creating an internal agency of associates that make their business the Club business. 

By doing so, Wellbridge Associates across the nation provide unlimited brainstorming, best practice sharing from other similar locations and the ability to react quickly to the changing needs of a retail-like business; needing to sell business differently on a daily basis in order to achieve said membership and programming goals. 

In addition, with the variation in each Wellbridge-owned Club the sharing makes it their business to specifically understand the unique items of each location and personalize the brand and message based on these needs. In this same regard, the Wellbridge Operations Team has also sought out the most efficient vendors to produce the Fitness & Wellness product on full yield prices to accommodate the changes needed for each Club location.

Wellbridge is continually seeking the right managed Club properties. To find out more or have the Wellbridge Development Team provide your property with additional information about Club Management opportunities please contact us.

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