It’s easy to find a gym in Atlanta. They’re down the street, on your way to work, or around the block. What we strive to offer is a premier athletic club, providing unique opportunities that go way beyond dumbbells and treadmills.

We’re not only proud to present fencing, but it’s the best fencing and coaching in the heart of Buckhead’s premier fitness facility. And it’s not just a single fencing class on a random Saturday afternoon. We’re talking about a studio designed specifically for fencing and a program that includes camps, private lessons, training, and fencing matches. Kids ages 13 and younger can learn an Olympic sport with a top-notch trained instructor who teaches everything from etiquette, safety and proper form, to drills, modes of attack and defense. Our five-day camp is open to every single level of interest and ability, and we cover it all with (deep inhale) fitness training, speed, footwork lessons, bouting, games, precision, focus, strategy and tactics. In case you’re wondering, fencing membership gives you complete access to our fencing strips and equipment (Foil, Sabre and Épée) six days a week. 

New rates effective August 1, 2016 

Fencing Membership
:: $1200 for 12 months
:: $700 for 6 months
:: $400 for 3 months

Private lessons
:: $60 / lesson for Coach Walid
:: $40 / lesson for the other coaches

Admit it: you’re intrigued. Improve dexterity, flexibility and endurance when you begin your fencing experience today. For more information or to register, please call 404.325.2700.