Kids Club Preschool

Bel Air Athletic Club has a private preschool for children 2-4 years of age certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. Our goal is to provide a balance between the social, physical and cognitive needs of preschoolers so their first school experience is a positive one that prepares them for kindergarten. Member and nonmembers may both enroll in the school. The school year is from September to May. Children must be the age of the class they wish to enter by September 1.

Our curriculum includes language and reading readiness, math, science, physical education, social studies and art.  

Explore and Learn Days

Any family, with children 2-4 years of age who are considering enrolling in a preschool for the 2018-2019 school year are welcome to come to an “Explore and Learn Day” at Kids Club Preschool. Experience an actual class and see what makes us so special. These are complimentary classes where children and parents will experience story time, art, music and center time to get a taste of the curriculum. We provide a snack. A reservation is required. Contact the Preschool Director at 410.838.2670 ext. 285 or

:: Wednesday, March 28 | 10-11AM
:: Thursday, April 12 | 11AM-12PM
:: Wednesday, May 30 | 10-11AM

2018-2019 Class Schedule

2-Year-Old Program

These classes are a great way to introduce children to school. It allows children to experience social settings with children their own age, learn to separate from parents in a positive way, and begin to understand appropriate behavior in a classroom setting.  

Class Schedule:
2 days/week | Tuesday and Thursday 
:: 9:15-10:15AM 
:: 9:30-10:45AM

Older 2s - Children turning 3 between September 1-December 31
:: 11AM-1PM | Tuesday and Thursday

3-Year-Old Program

The goal is to help children develop self control, learn appropriate behaviors in a classroom setting while being introduced to age appropriate curriculum in language development, math and science. Numbers, letters, colors, shapes are introduced in thematic units. 

Class Schedule:
2 days/week | Tuesday and Thursday 
:: 9-11:30AM

3 days/week | Monday, Wednesday and Friday
:: 8:45-11:15AM
:: 9-11:30AM

4-Year-Old Program

The curriculum is designed to give 4-year-olds the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten using a variety of thematic units using developmentally appropriate curriculum. Reading readiness, math, science, art, physical education and Spanish are included in the thematic units.

Class Schedule:
3 days/week | Monday, Wednesday & Friday 
:: 9AM-12PM

4 days/week | Monday-Thursday
:: 12:30-3PM

Extended Day 4s (Great for older 4s that just miss the Kindergarten cut off or families looking for an extended day of an enhanced curriculum.)

5 days/week | Monday-Friday 
:: 8:45AM-12:30PM

Click here to view our Kids' Club brochure or call the Kids Club Preschool at 410.838.2670, ext. 285 for additional information.

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