What is Advanced Taekwondo / HupKwonDo? 

Welcome to the Bel Air Athletic Club’s HupKwonDo studio. HupKwonDo or Advanced Taekwondo is self defense that works! It prepares students to protect themselves in real life situations and is designed for everyone, regardless of size, age, sex or fitness level.

HupKwonDo is a modern Korean martial art that incorporates elements of Taekwondo. It is characterized by short punches and kicks that facilitate more natural and rapid follow up strikes while creating a high energy system of exercise. Take a look here if you are looking for more information about this unique form of martial arts.

Character growth is an integral aspect of HupKwonDo. The following qualities are spelled out in the tenets of the martial art.

  • :: Self-confidence :: Respect
    :: Integrity               :: Perseverance
    :: Self-control          :: Humility
    :: Discipline             :: Courage

All interested students are invited to try a complimentary class. 

Teen & Adult HupKwonDo Classes
Teen and adult HupKwonDo classes take place on an ongoing basis. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7-8PM. 

Children's HupKwonDo Classes 
Children's HupKwonDo classes are ongoing. Students attend two nights per week either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Please call the club at 410.838.2670, ext. 244, to register or for more information. Click here to view and print our brochure.

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