With well-maintained racquetball courts, plenty of competition to enjoy a game, and talented professionals to improve your skill, you will truly enjoy getting involved in a new sport or participating in an old favorite. Put another way, we have exactly what you want.

For those who already play racquetball, you know the health benefits are just a part of the game. You build physical endurance, exercise all major muscle groups, and it gives you an unbeatable cardiovascular workout. The average number of calories burned during racquetball play ranges from a moderate 640 per hour, to a high level of 822 calories. An average game will take 20 minutes, during which a player will run a distance of approximately 3,650 feet, or over two miles in one hour of action.

Ask the staff at Bel Air Athletic Club how you can connect with other Members and start playing matches as soon as possible. Courts are always available so bring your racquet and play today.

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