Life is all about balance, and yoga is one activity that instead of adding to your unbalanced world, it will bring it back into check! With a variety of free yoga classes per week, no Harford County resident should go without yoga as Bel Air Athletic Club is only minutes from the center of town.

Still not convinced that you should try yoga? Did you say you wanted to be toned, flexible and strong? Oh, then yoga was made for you. Yoga has also been proven to reduce the symptoms associated with many chronic illnesses or conditions, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, arthritis, back pain, hormonal fluctuations, depression, respiration problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insomnia. Not sure if yoga will be challenging enough? Prepare to be humbled. Our instructors have a special skill for making each class a great workout for any skill level or intensity of practice. Don’t use lack of equipment as an excuse; Bel Air’s Yoga Program has everything you will want and need, from yoga mats to blocks, bands and's easy to get started with that type of support.

If you live in Forest Hills, Churchville, Bel Air, Fallston or in the Aberdeen area, it's time to root like a tree pose and branch out to the Club today. Browse our schedule of complimentary, unlimited yoga classes and find one that suits you, or, since they’re included with membership, why not try them all?

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