Basic Conduct

It is the goal of the Club to provide a stress-free and enjoyable environment for all members. Members and guests are required to behave in a well-mannered, non-aggressive and courteous way to other Members, guests and staff. Failure to behave in this manner can result in membership suspension or termination.

All Members and their guests should dress appropriately while using the Club facilities. Shoes and shirts are required at all times in the Club. Guests will be charged a guest fee. The same guest may only visit the Club up to three times within one month. Guest must enter the Club facilities with a Member and be accompanied by the Member while using the Club facilities. Each guest must abide by the rules and regulations of the Club and the sponsoring Member is responsible for the action of the guest, including unreturned locker keys and towels. The guest must present his/her driver’s license (or a comparable picture ID) and complete the guest register with each visit. 

Membership Cancellation
Thank you for your e-mail. In order to provide you with a complete service in termination and protect your signature's security, we require that all termination requests be provided, in person, at the Club or via certified mail to:

6140 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Lost Items 
Contact the Manager On Duty regarding lost items. While every attempt is made to safeguard lost items, the Club cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Articles collected are tagged and stored until claimed for 30 days. Unclaimed items are donated to a non-profit organization. 

Access to the Club 
The following procedures are necessary upon entering the Club facilities: Present your Club membership card to the Front Desk for computer registration and verification of membership. 

NOTE: A lost membership card will result in a replacement charge. You will not be permitted access to the club without your membership card.

Please click here for all of our inclement weather guidelines


Treatments and practitioners are reserved especially for you.  Kindly notify us of any changes or cancellation 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a 50% service fee designated to your reserved practitioner.  For Non-Members of the Bel Air Athletic Club, reservations will not be accepted without credit card or gift certificate guarantee.

If this is your first visit, it is recommended that you arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your appointment, giving you ample time to relax before your treatment.

Pricing and Payment
All prices are subject to change.  Gratuities are not included in service fee.

It's your time, enjoy the tranquility. Bel Air Athletic Cub Members may use the services of the nursery on the lower level while enjoying services at the spa. Please contact the Nursery for details and reservation information. 410.879.3813


Your child’s membership includes the use of the following as determined by their age:
:: Nursery
:: Ages 6 weeks-11 years

:: Ages 12-36 months 
:: Brittany Lynch, ext. 297

BAACyard Clubhouse Classes
:: Ages 3-11 years
:: Brittany Lynch, ext. 297

Parents' Night Out
:: Ages 3-11 years.
:: No KidSports classes offered the first Friday night of the month.
:: Reservations are required.
:: Brittany Lynch, ext. 297

:: Ages 3-11 years (fully potty trained)
:: KidSports Manager: Brittany Lynch, ext. 297 

Free Play
When BAACyard Clubhouse classes are not in session, we welcome Members to come and play with their children.

Parents must directly and actively supervise their children during  free play. Bel Air Athletic Club will ensure that an area in the BAACyard Clubhouse (arena, climbing wall or treehouse) is available during all scheduled free play times; however, we cannot guarantee that ALL areas will be available.

In addition, during scheduled class time, there is no guarantee that space will be available for free play. Depending on the number of children in class, we will attempt to make space available and as feasible in areas the classes are not using.

Sickness Policy
The Department of Health & Human Resources says the following signs indicate the presence of a communicable disease:
:: Earache, sore throat, headache
:: Fever
:: Rash, vomiting, diarrhea
:: Red running eyes
:: Loss of appetite

If any of the above symptoms are present, you will be asked to refrain from bringing your child to classes and/or the Nursery until the symptoms are gone. This policy will be enforced in order to operate a healthy environment for all children. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Bel Air Athletic Club’s goal is to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for our younger members. In order for us to provide an appropriate atmosphere, there are certain policies we ask parents and children to adhere to.

1. Your child must be a member in order to participate in BAACyard Clubhouse classes and/or use the Nursery.
2. Guests are permitted as directed by the Bel Air Athletic Club guest policy with the exception of Parents' Night Out.
3. All Members, adult or child, must check in at one of the Hospitality Desks when they enter the club.
4. Parents must remain on the Bel Air Athletic Club premises while children under the age of 12 are in the club.
5. Children under the age of 12 must be in a staff-supervised activity or be actively supervised by their parents while in the BAACyard Clubhouse (sitting in hallway outside of studio’s is not allowed).
6. Children may be picked up by another adult (16 years or older), other than their parent with written permission and a photo ID.
7. Athletic clothes and tennis shoes MUST be worn at all times in order to participate in activities in the BAACyard Clubhouse. (Even if children begin in the Nursery or in dance or martial arts classes and are then taken to a BAACyard Clubhouse class, they must have tennis shoes to participate.) NO OPEN TOE OROPEN HEEL SHOES ALLOWED. SOCKS MUST BE WORN.
8. Children must be physically able to participate in activities. (If a child has a broken bone, we must have a written note from the child’s doctor indicating he/she can continue to.) If he/she is unable to participate, he/she may use the Nursery. Children will not be re-admitted to class until they have a written release from their doctor indicating they are able to participate in normal physical activity. If your child is too ill to attend school, he/she will not be permitted in the BAACyard Clubhouse (see Sickness Policy).
9. Children may be in BAACyard Clubhouse classes and/or the Nursery for a total of 3 hours before 4:30PM (with a two-hour maximum in any individual department).
10. Children may be in BAACyard Clubhouse classes and/or the Nursery for a total of two hours after 4:30PM.
11. Personal items from home are not permitted.
12. Parents must actively supervise their children during scheduled free play time. See the BAACyard Clubhouse schedule for times.
13. No food or drinks are permitted in any area of the BAACyard Clubhouse or Nursery (except party rooms).
14. Members age three and older who are fully potty-trained and able to take care of their own bathroom needs may participate in KidSports classes and Parents' Night Out. No guests are allowed on Parents' Night Out.
15. The Bel Air Athletic Club expects children to maintain an appropriate level of behavior while in the BAACyard Clubhouse. Staff will call parents if children exhibit disruptive behavior to either staff or other children.
16. Skate Shoes and Heelys of any kind are not permitted in any area of the club.

We encourage an Open Door Policy in all children’s programs. Parents are welcome to observe but may not actively participate during scheduled classes.

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