Blast! Daily Care

Here at the Colorado Athletic Club-Boulder Child Care, our goal is to provide a fun and safe place for your children. Our professional, caring team will allow you to have peace of mind and time to enjoy your workout while the kiddos play with us. We offer three rooms: Infant, Toddler/Main and Tweens/Game Room filled with age-appropriate games, toys and activities for your little ones to play with and share with friends the same age. Below we have more specific information about Blast! For more information please contact our Youth Program Manager, Pavlina Leising at today.

BLAST! Hours

:: Monday-Friday | 8AM-8PM
:: Saturday & Sunday | 7:45AM-6PM

Special Hours

:: Second Wednesday of every month | 8AM-6:45PM

Child-to-Staff Ratios

:: Infant - 1 staff / 4infants
:: Main - 1 staff / 7children

Maximum Visit

:: 2 Hours/Day

Programming and Events - complimentary with BLAST!

Craft Program

Mondays, 9-11AM
:: This is a time for children to creatively express themselves with different crafts and art forms. Art Projects will be based upon age and ability level.

Music Program

Tuesdays, 11:30AM - Musicare with Amy Haywood
:: Join us for an exciting adventure, a unique and wonderful exploration of music, instruments, rhythm and sound.
Thursdays, 10AM - Music and Nature with Jeff Kagan
:: Half of the duo of Jeff and Paige, Jeff brings science and nature to life through kid-delighting music and stories.

Dance Program

Tuesdays, 9:30AM- Creative Movement with Cindy
:: Offering the children the opportunity to experience dance in a physical, creative and fun environment that fosters self-expression through kinesthetic experience. Children will be lead through an exploration of improvisation forms to experience their unique dancing bodies.

Educational Program

Wednesdays, 10:00AM - Growing Gardens
:: Children will have the opportunity to handle soil, rocks, and plants as they learn how humans can work with and in nature. Children will learn about Gardening seasons, animals, our habitat, art in nature, the beehive and much, much more!

Kids Yoga Program

Wednesdays, 10:30AM – Little Yogis (for ages 1-5) with Megan
Saturdays 11:45AM – Little Yogis (for ages 5-12) with Nicholas
:: Fun, silly, supportive, creative Yoga for kids ages 5-12
:: Kids learn to counter everyday pressure and stress by creating meaningful connections to one's self and others in a non-judgmental, non-competitive way.

Other programs - fee based

Art Kids with Chelsea Bernstein

Saturdays 10AM - Sign your kids up for professional instruction in more complex art mediums like paint, hot glue, sewing and more. Kids can take home their creation! Please see the BLAST calendar for specific dates.


Saturdays 10AM - Learn felting and sewing techniques. Professional instruction and all materials included. Kids can take home their creations! Please see the BLAST calendar for specific dates

For more information, contact Pavlina Leising at or 303.501.1700.

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