Even if you don’t live or work in Boulder, you’ve likely heard how health and fitness is a major part of our lifestyle. Boulder consistently ranks among studies' and publications' fittest cities in America; walk into a grocery store and it seems like most of the shoppers just finished a trail run, a bike ride or a yoga class; internationally competitive athletes train in Boulder. Surrounded by so many positive influences, many of our members don’t need motivation to stay in shape; their focus is to simply work with a talented, knowledgeable professional.

Colorado Athletic Club-Boulder’s Personal Trainers are certified fitness experts who will team with you in achieving your individual goal, whether it’s a faster BolderBoulder, building endurance so you can dominate the ski slopes all day, reducing body fat or conquering each and every one of our state’s 14ers.

With national certifications and specialty training, our staff is consistently learning the latest trends to help you achieve one objective after another. Incorporate Olympic lifting, mixed martial arts, a smash wall, Kinesis One functional training as well as multi-sport training and coaches as you stay engaged and invigorated. You don’t have to be one of Boulder’s premier triathletes to enjoy the best in personal training; you just have to be a member of Colorado Athletic Club.

Our Members receive:
:: Access to nationally Certified Personal Trainers
:: Two complimentary Personal Coaching Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer
:: A Path to Success Personalized Workout Plan to kick off your individual goals and fitness program
:: Free Fitness Coaches to assist in equipment demonstrations, spotting or overall workout questions

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