Boulder has a reputation as being a town that is serious about cycling. When you have professional teams that choose to train in the area, that passion is bound to trickle down to the rest of the community. And let’s face it; Boulder is considered to be a cycling community.

Picture yourself at Colorado Athletic Club in a studio built specifically for indoor cycling. Our certified cycling coaches are the best in town and will use the latest technology, a focused workout and old fashioned know-how to improve your speed, strength and endurance. The state-of-the-art equipment gives you real-time feedback on your power, heart rate, distance and calories burned, while the classes incorporate motivating music and inspiring biking footage to create some healthy competition. Join us any day of the week at what sometimes feels like any time of day and enjoy an indoor biking experience. 

Colorado Athletic Club - Boulder is proud to be the ONLY club in the area with the brand new Schwinn A.C.™ Performance bikes equipped with MPower™ Consoles.

Our highly trained staff will help take your indoor cycling workouts to the next level using this new technology that provides real-time feedback on your power, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned. Endurance and interval classes will be set to motivating music, coached by impressive instructors and, at times, make use of two projectors for awesome biking footage to pass the time. Join us any day of the week at a wide variety of times for a non-impact, variable intensity workout suitable for all fitness levels.

Interested in learning more about the MPower Consoles on the bikes in the Indoor Cycling studio? Feel free to reach out to our Group Fitness Coordinator. The consoles are calibrated weekly and have the ability to record your watts, estimated MPHs, heart rate, calories and much more. This is all NEW information and may be a bit intimidating the first time you see it. We would be happy to assist you one on one whenever you need. 

*Our bikes are fitted with SPD and LOOK pedals.*

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