Dedicated Studio for CompuTrainer Classes
An Indoor Biking Experience

The CompuTrainer will change your vision of indoor cycling. Bring your outdoor road bike, cycle through your favorite routes around the world and, if you are up to the challenge, compete against other studio riders. We have two CompuTrainers - you have to experience it to believe it. Set your appointment, put on your workout clothes, and try it out today.

Stroke Analysis & Drag Factors
CompuTrainer experiences include a SpinScan that analyzes your pedal stroke for improved efficiency and power through any ride. Adjust your drag to account for your body geometry and riding position.

Interactive 3d Graphics
Curves, split screens, and panoramic helicopter views combined with advanced computer algorithms create the true "feel of the road". Enjoy the realism of CompuTrainer’s 3D interactive graphics with scenery packs that include the Rolling Green Hills, Painted Desert, Grand Tetons, Flatirons, Atlanta and more.

Don't believe it?
No need to bring your bike as we have testing models here for you. RSVP your appointment by giving us a call today.

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