As a part of our Corporate Wellness Program your company can take advantage of any of the below Program options based on your Company's individual needs:

Provides discounted enrollment and monthly dues discount for all company employees at no cost to the company. In order to qualify for this benefit company must have 5 or more new employees enroll during the open enrollment period.

If your company is able to contribute towards employee monthly dues, the Club will match this amount up to a certain amount, thus reducing all employees monthly membership. All contribution matches can be considered, please ask your Membership Representative.

With this partnership, the company invests an agreed upon monthly fee to allow all employees membership privileges. This monthly fee is based on the number of people employed at your corporation. This plan is for companies that employ at least 25 local employees.

After choosing Partnership, Sponsorship or Elite Subsidy you will be able to choose from any of the following complimentary à la carte options to guarantee the partnership is precisely what you envision.

Club Experience
Our partnership gives you the opportunity to host lively and engaging activities outside the workplace. If you want to start your day with a Power Breakfast or end it with a Happy Hour, you’ll notice a boost in your team’s overall energy. Feel free to try something different, like having everyone attend a Group Fitness class or go even bigger with an Open House.

Lunch & Learn Series
Chances are you would like to see more professional interaction, wellness initiatives and healthy competition between departments. That’s where we come in. By utilizing our expertise, corporate partners have found that Lunch & Learns can be incredibly simple. You reserve a date, time and a conference room and we’ll do the rest.

Associate Club Tracking (ACT)

Research conducted over the past 20 years leaves no doubt that exercise is an effective strategy to combat many adverse health conditions.(3) With our partnership options, you have the ability to track your employees’ club visits on either an individual or cumulative basis.

Corporate Ambassador
Choose an employee to be a Corporate Ambassador and have them assist in the implementation of any or all of the program components. These Ambassadors can receive perks from our club and/or have the opportunity to earn additional benefits for your company through competitions against other Corporate Ambassadors.

In a time where the Internet is literally at everyone’s fingertips, television programs like The Biggest Loser have millions of viewers, and wellness information is abundant and ever-changing. Obviously, this can be downright confusing.

Through our partnerships we offer expert advice from certified professionals who provide a well-rounded approach to health.

We distribute this advice to your employees as a monthly e-tip and also cover their specific needs, concerns and interests. Please tell your Corporate Partner Representative if you prefer these tips be presented on paper because we can do that, too.

New Hire Packet
We want to make a significant difference with each and every one of your current employees when we launch our partnership, but we also know that you are constantly recruiting new associates.

With that in mind, we want your staff to be fully equipped to present this health and wellness benefit with ease. A brief discussion with your Human Resources department should give us a solid estimate of your recruitment needs per quarter.
We can then provide the correct amount of Corporate Wellness & Club Information to support these efforts. Incoming employees will then be informed, and can utilize the partnership to its maximum.

Website Cross Promotions
As business gets more and more competitive - and health officials point out that more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight - offering a corporate fitness partnership has become extremely important.

Almost half of American workers at small-to-medium-sized companies would stay at their jobs longer because of employer-sponsored wellness programs, according to the latest Principal Financial Well-Being Index. Workers say wellness programs help them improve their physical health and reduce stress, thereby decreasing the number of sick days and reducing health care costs.

In an effort to increase your profile as a healthy company, we recommend including your logo and/or special employee fitness offers on our website. We can have that information on a public or a private page. Let us know how we can customize this option for your company.

Club Champion Challenge
We’re confident your associates will enjoy their membership, and we encourage them to share the experience as a Club Champion. When an employee introduces a colleague to the club, the guest will receive a 5 day trial. After three co-workers take advantage of the trial offer, the Club Champion will receive a T-shirt and also be entered to win a $100 club credit.

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