Massage Hours
:: Monday-Friday | 10AM-8PM
:: Saturday-Sunday | 10AM-7PM

Before a Massage
Please shower after your workout in preparation for your massage. This ensures a clean body and helps to loosen muscle tension. To reserve your appointment times, contact the Hospitality Desk and one of our associates will be happy to assist you. In consideration, please honor your appointment time as our massage therapists are paid by the session only.

Cancellation Policy
For the convenience of other Members and to aid therapists in scheduling, cancellations are required 24-hours in advance. The full service fee will be charged for missed appointments. Contact the Hospitality Desk for cancellations or rescheduling.

Please contact the Hospitality Desk to make your massage reservation, 303.758.7080

Full Body Massage
:: 55 minutes | $65

Deluxe Full Body Massage
:: 85 minutes | $90

Massage Packages
:: Package of 3, 55 Minutes | $175, 85 Minutes/$245
:: Package of 6, 55 Minutes | $345
:: Package of 12, 55 Minutes | $665

Hot Stone Massage
The rubbing of smooth, heated stones, across tired, tight muscles radiates deep penetrating heat to melt muscular tension and create a feeling of centeredness and well being.

:: 55 Minutes | $70, 85 Minutes | $100

A light, smoothing massage for pregnant women to help relieve the physical and emotional stress of pregnancy. The mother is placed on her side with many pillows for comfort. A pre-natal cushion with holes cut out for the abdomen and chest may be available.

:: 55 Minutes | $65

Onsite Chair Massage
A fast, convenient stress reliever. This refreshing upper body massage is received in the seated position, fully clothed. It is a perfect tune-up before or after an event, or a necessity on a busy day. 

:: $1 | minute

Deep Tissue Work
Penetrates to the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue to increase flexibility, release tension and stress and to promote healing of chronic pain to injury sites.