Active Kids Programing


Join us in the gym for a mix of games, relays and obstacle courses, kids classes, and agility activities. Every week is different, so don't miss out! This class is for children ages 4-12, and activities are broken up into appropriate age groups. Come join the fun. Sign up in the Nursery; childcare reservation may be required. 

:: Saturdays | 10-10:45AM

Book Worms

Come and explore new and exciting books with us. Every week we will have new stories to read. During Book Worms, kids will hear stories being read aloud, discover books on their own, or even bring their favorite books from home.

:: Tuesdays | 9:30-10:15AM in the Nursery
:: FREE as part of Nursery Reservation

Music in Motion

This is a class where children will be able to let loose and have their own dance party! We will participate in organized dance activities, explore different musical instruments, play dancing games, and have free-style dance.

:: Ages 3+
:: Wednesdays | 9:30-10:15AM in Studio 2; Nursery reservation required

Creative Crafts 

This is a time for children to creatively express themselves with different crafts and art forms. Art Projects will be based upon age and ability level.

:: Tuesdays | 9:30-10AM

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