At Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco, we have carefully selected a team of top-notch trainers, and nowhere in central Denver will you find more experienced fitness experts dedicated to ensuring you get results quickly, efficiently and safely while keeping you motivated. You bet we have degrees in exercise science or related fields. We’ve also earned our credentials from the gold standard of personal training certification programs, like the American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association, and we only continue to educate and evolve ourselves. But, we realize that qualifications don’t mean squat if they are not paired with compassion, commitment, creativity and a positive attitude.

Our trainers all offer a unique skillset, but each will share in your journey and bring out your best. When you sign up with one of our trainers, know that we’re your coach, your teammate and your biggest fan. You’ll receive a specialized workout tailored just for you and some tough love mixed with tons of encouragement. He or she will begin by taking a look at where you are and where you’d like to be in six weeks, six months, one year. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 85 – we can help you to firm up, trim down, rehabilitate an injury, become more flexible, train for a marathon, dominate the slopes or walk up the stairs without getting winded, and simply put information in your hands to help you become your own best advocate.


:: One-on-One
:: Partner
:: Team Training (H.I.T., TRX, FitExpress and more)
:: Sports Specific
:: Post-Rehab
:: Kids’ Fitness
:: Pre/Postnatal Training
:: Functional Training
:: Body Sculpting
:: First-Time Exercisers

We’d like to meet you! Contact the Hospitality Desk today to sign up for your two complimentary Personal Coaching Sessions, which include a Path to Success personalized workout plan to kick off your individual goals and fitness program. Also, our members always have access to free Fitness Coaches to assist in equipment demonstrations, spotting or overall workout questions – it’s that simple. 

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