"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." – Joseph Pilates

What do Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham and many Olympic athletes have in common? They do Pilates because it works. So, what is Pilates and why is it so effective? Let’s cut right down to the core. It is a nearly 100-year-old specialized form of resistance training done on spring-loaded machines or floor mats, often with props to ensure you’ll have a ball (or a roll, a ring, a band...). A big benefit of Pilates is that it’s all gain, no pain. Without question, Pilates is a challenging workout, but it’s also easily modified so newbies and those with limitations need not fear.

In Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco's dedicated Pilates studio, you’ll train on the world’s top brand of equipment, STOTT Pilates®. We’ve also got the most experienced and passionate Certified Pilates Instructors in central Denver who will help you bend and stretch your way to a svelte figure.

Top 5 Reasons to do Pilates

:: Sculpt a superbly solid core.  More than anything else, Pilates is known for strengthening and flattening the abs and it certainly lives up to its reputation. So long, soggy center.

:: Stretch and strengthen muscles simultaneously, and loseinches, all over your body

:: Improve your coordination and balance, due to Pilates’emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment

:: Live happily in the moment. It takes focus to perform precise Pilates moves, so stressful thoughts and your to-do list don’t stand a chance. Walk out feeling refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated.

:: Safely rehabilitate injuries and find relief in health conditions like back pain. Pilates is so kind on joints that it’s often used as a physical therapy tool as well as for pre- and post-natal fitness.


A variety of mat classes are offered complimentary with membership. Private instruction and equipment-based small group classes, such as on the Reformer, are fee-based.  Keep in mind that prior to joining any Pilates equipment class you must complete an introductory package. Contact the Front Desk at 303.758.7080 or stop in today, and let’s getting rolling. 

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