Busy schedule? No time for a workout? Wrong. Try High Intensity Training, better known as H.I.T. Despite the scary-sounding name, you do not have to be a hardcore athlete to reap its many benefits. H.I.T. is built on the idea that for maximum fat loss and body sculpting, your routine should be short and intense. Through these brief intervals of specially designed exercises performed with all-out effort, your muscles will reward you long after the session is over.

The H.I.T. program at Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco is led by a Certified Personal Trainer who will energize and push your limits  in cardio, strength, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, power and coordination; keeping you more engaged, less focused on the clock and eager to come back for more.

You’re not going to build a great behind by sitting on it; you won’t define your arms by updating your Facebook status; and contrary to the latest infomercial, you will not get a flat stomach by crunching away on the latest and strangest abs contraption. The only way to get true results and look like an athlete is to TRAIN like an athlete – at your own pace, of course. Check the online schedule for H.I.T. class times and stop by the Club today to try your first session, on us!* Also, be sure to like the H.I.T. Facebook page to stay connected.

*Fees apply for specialty small group training classes. First trial class is free.