With well-maintained racquetball courts, plenty of competition to enjoy a game, and talented professionals to improve your skill, you will truly enjoy getting involved in a new sport or participating in an old favorite. Put another way, we have exactly what you want. For those who already play racquetball, you know the health benefits are just a part of the game. You build physical endurance, exercise all major muscle groups, and it gives an unbeatable cardiovascular workout.

The average number of calories burned during racquetball play ranges from moderate at 640 per hour to a high level of 822 calories. An average game will take 20 minutes, during which a player will run a distance of approximately 3,650 feet, or over two miles in one hour of action. Ask our staff how you can connect with other members and start playing matches as soon as possible. Courts are always available so bring your racquet and play today.

Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco has 4 racquetball courts. Two glass backwall, two enclosed.

Court Reservation
Courts can be scheduled at the Front Desk at 303.758.7080 and may be reserved a maximum of one week in advance.

Tournaments & Leagues
Challenge Court
Players using the challenge court must accept the “challenge” of other racquetball players wanting to compete. This is a great way to set up a game and/or meet other players.

:: Monday Nights | 5-7PM

Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco uses the shuttle style system instead of a league structure. Shuttles run every week barring holidays or special events. Players are not obligated in any manner and may participate on a week-to-week basis. Players are put on the court according to ability. Games are timed. Winners move up, losers move down. If you're on the top court, you stay on that court, and the same applies for the lower court.

The shuttle system works well as it incorporates a variety of players and styles. Giving less advanced players an opportunity to compete against those slightly better, will help to improve their game. We use the “build your own players” philosophy with everyone helping everyone else.

Doubles Shuttle
Come with a partner or be paired up upon arrival.

:: Tuesdays | 6-7PM 

Singles Shuttles
Singles shuttle is just that, singles, unless we have an overflow of players. If that’s the case we play two against one in an effort to keep as many players on the court as possible.

:: Thursdays | 6-7PM
:: Saturdays | 8-9AM

Racquetball “Season”

Although racquetball is played year-round, it’s traditional that many players go outdoors during the summer to participate in outdoor activities. We have a year-round group of players, but in general participation is lower during the summer and starts to pick back up in the fall.

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