Coming soon to Colorado Athletic Club-Monaco!

Before we start raving about TRX Suspension Training®, perhaps we should back up and explain what TRX stands for: Total-body, Resistance, eXercise. OK, so the acronym could use a little work, but the program is about as perfect as it gets. If you don’t believe us, consider the fact it was created by the Navy SEALs. Last time we checked, they’re in pretty good shape. With suspension training, we’re talking about bodyweight exercises that develop power, strength, balance, core stability, flexibility, durability, and probably any other “ility” you can think of. The creators believe in training movements; not muscle. However you want to look at it, TRX will make you a believer in a matter of minutes. 

We invite you to try a class and see first-hand why it’s so effective, no matter your age or fitness level. It’s a Truly Remarkable eXercise. See what we did there? TRX. Never mind, you saw it.

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