Develop flexibility, strength and balance with the premier yoga instructors in metro Denver. Focus on poses, breathing technique and learn how to move your body in new, healthy ways as you discover the benefits of this 5,000-year-old practice that we sometimes like to give a modern twist.

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all yoga styles as it involves basic poses, stretching and breathing exercises aimed to center you from the inside out. Grow longer and stronger in Les Mills' BODYFLOW™ or push yourself in Vinyasa Yoga, which emphasizes flow and also links poses together for a faster-paced class. For something completely different, visit the Club at the intersection of Yale and Monaco, just east of I-25, and experience Zen-Barre – 30 minutes of intense barre training followed by 30 minutes of zen-like stretching.

Deepen your practice with one-on-one private and individualized yoga training. Private sessions are perfect for the beginner yogi just getting started, the injured yogi looking to restore and recover, or the experienced yogi looking to expand their own practice.

Track your progress and see how developing your yoga practice can help your performance in other endeavors. Browse our complete schedule of complimentary, unlimited yoga classes and find one that suits you, or, since they’re included with membership, why not try them all?

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