Researchers have documented as much as a $13 return for every dollar invested in employee wellness. Programs that typically yield the most success are tailored to the specific needs of a company’s workforce and use specific measures to track results.

We realize your company has its own DNA and we want to embrace that individuality. By taking our CORESurvey, we will be able to better understand exactly what your company’s employees want and need from a Corporate Fitness Program.

To establish a company-wide health and wellness program, you need a foundation, a central focus, a CORE-Corporate Outlook, Response & Evaluation. Take the important first step with our complimentary CORESurvey and CORESeminars. 

No Pressure.
No Commitment. 
No Problem.

Let’s get you the results you deserve!

Data will be aggregated and results will be kept confidential. Whether you decide to use this information and create your own program or choose to utilize our expertise, the survey is our treat for your benefit.

Say "yes" and your employees will receive the CORESurvey within 30 days.

With individuals paying more out of pocket for medical treatment and prescriptions than ever before, our promise is to establish a program that benefits your healthiest to most at-risk employee.

As wellness experts, we believe one of the most effective methods to connect with your team is an annual awareness and education seminar. One of our Certified Personal Trainers will spend 30 minutes presenting the latest trends and discoveries in fitness, wellness and nutrition, including takeaways.

Knowledge is powerful when it comes to health and fitness, don’t let your employees miss out on this free opportunity.

Our professionals are also willing to include any other topics or theme that would appeal to your employees. Let us know if you would like the seminar at your business or at our Club and we’ll make it happen.

CORESeminar Topics

:: Reducing stress in the workplace.
:: How to eat healthy on a busy schedule.
:: How to effectively take pounds off and keep them off.
:: Incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into your lifestyle.

Follow up with a Membership Representative to find out more about how to save your company money and have happier and more productive workers today. 

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