Masters Swim Program
At Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center, our Masters Program is designed to meet a variety of needs. Individuals who are training for triathlons, open water competitions, or enjoy swimming as their main form of exercise are all welcome. 

Masters Swimming is a coached, interval workout, focusing on all aspects of competitive swimming. Workouts combine stroke technique and drills in a moderate- to advanced level workout.

For more information on our Masters Program, contact Kelly Smith at 720.214.2400, ext. 253 or

*Masters Program swimmers are encouraged to arrive to the pool 15 minutes prior to the official start time, in order to ensure a proper warm-up.

:: 12-1:PM
:: 6-7PM

:: 6-7AM
:: 5:30-6:30PM 

:: 12-1PM
:: 6-7PM

:: 6-7AM
:: 6-7PM

:: 6-7AM

Masters Swimming is $15/month

Swimmers considering the Masters Program should be able to swim 500 meters continuously. Masters and Pre-Masters swimmers will be able to attend the same classes as coaches will be providing modifications in the workout for all levels.

Water Fitness

Lap Swimming
Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center has a 4-lane, 25-yard saline pool that is open during regular business hours. Circle swimming is encouraged and lane speeds will be identified during peak hours. 1-2 lap lanes will be available at all times during lessons or other programs.

Water Fitness Classes
Get in the pool for a total body cardio and strength training workout. Water Fitness is a great alternative to land exercise that is easy on the joints as well as refreshing. All levels are welcome. Classes are included in membership.
:: Tuesdays & Thursdays
:: 12-1PM

For more information, please contact Kelly Smith at 720.214.2400 ext.253 or

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