Brett Stanley

Certified Personal Trainer


In order to see results, one must put forth the effort. This can only be done with good nutrition, weight training and cardiovascular conditioning. Through these concepts, a person can enhance performance, feel better, and look better for much longer. I believe that anyone who is active is an athlete and must train like one. We don’t often find top athletes that are unfit and overweight. I focus on proper exercise form and a variety of effective training methods to enhance a client’s lifestyle and health.


:: B.A. Health/Physical Education, Recreation
:: ISSA, Certified Personal Trainer


:: Body sculpting and fat loss for women
:: Increases in lean muscle tissue
:: Proper technique for weight lifting and stretching
:: Increase strength and quickness for athletic performance
:: RNT Flexibility Training
:: Advanced Heart Rate Training
:: Top 100 Trainers in America (Men’s Journal)
:: Best Personal Trainer Award (Atlanta Sports and Fitness) 


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