At Concourse Athletic Club, we believe that starting a family and taking care of your kids does not imply that you should stop taking care of your number one priority: you. One of our best features is the convenient and expertly staffed nursery. It means activity for your children and activity for you.

Relax and enjoy your favorite group fitness class or a rewarding session with one of our Certified Personal Trainers with the peace of mind that your kids are having a blast. Stop in for a quick visit and you’ll soon realize that we have plenty of games, toys and interested Associates to keep your son and daughter engaged and entertained. And that includes programs as big as Summer Camp, Winter Camp and Spring Break Camp, to simple everyday options like arts and crafts.

Our primary focus is to give your family a positive experience through fun, active programs and genuine interaction. That is how we’ve established ourselves as the best childcare and infant care in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Call or stop by the Front Desk and discover how your kids can enjoy the Club just as much as you do.

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