WINTER 2015 

Playball ( Ages 2-3 years)
Coming soon to Concourse! Playball is an in-school physical activity where fundamental sports and physical skills are taught and nurtured.  Playball also aims to teach valuable life skills such as following directions; sportsmanship; independence; and respect for others.

::Wednesday and Friday, 10 -10:30AM

:: Members $13/child

:: Non-Members $15/child

The program starts in November. Minimum of 5 children to hold this program. For more information or to register, please contact Ashley Donerson, Junior Programs Director, at 770-698-2017 or email at


Toddler Dance coming soon!


PARENTS' NIGHT OUT (Ages 8 months-12 years)
Let us entertain the kids while you enjoy a night out! We will provide a snack for ages 5 to 12 years.  8 months to 4 years will attend our Kids' Club Blast Center, please provide a snack. Come play games, swim and round-out the evening with popcorn and a movie. Drop off your child at 6:30PM in the Kids' Club and pick them up by 10:30PM.  Held the third Friday of each month.  

:: Members $25/child, siblings $10/child

:: Non-Members $35/child, siblings $15/child

 Will start in November.  For reservations please call the Kids' Club  at 770-698-2061. For more information contact Ashley Donerson, Junior Programs Director, at 770-698-2017 or email at