The Aikido Program at Concourse Athletic Club offers a dynamic, physically challenging, and fun method of self-defense and training that enhances balance, flexibility, and  peace of mind. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes circular movements that blend with and redirects an opponent's attack. Aikido focuses on using your opponent’s own energy to gain control of them or throw them, as opposed to punching or hitting them. It’s an art whose throws, joint locks, and techniques are derived from Ju Jitsu and Kenjutsu (the art of the Japanese Sword). Many martial artists come to Aikido as their second art, later in life. .

Concourse Athletic Club's Aikido Expert, Larry Feldman, first began his experience with martial arts in Ju Jitsu in 1973, and he has been studying Aikido since 1978, originally with the Ki Society and then Shin Budo Kai Aikido, headed by Shihan Shizuo Imaizumi. He has taught at Concourse Athletic Club since 1994. In October of 2007, he was promoted to Godan (5th degree black belt). 

Aikido training at Concourse Athletic Club includes the empty-handed arts of Aikido (throwing and rolling), as well as Ki training, jo (staff) and bokken (wooden sword). Classes are small and focused on personalized instruction. Beginners train with experienced students or an instructor at the start of their training. It is highly recommended that you watch a class before starting.

Class Details:
:: Class meets Monday and Wednesday, 8–9:30PM | Saturday 12:30-2:30PM
:: Open to Members & Non-Members
:: $35/month Members, $60/month Non-Members | $45/month high school & college students
:: No contracts, initiation fees or fees for testing
:: Wear loose fitting clothing or a Judo or Karate uniform if you have one
:: Class is ongoing; you may start at any time
:: Visitors welcome

For more information, please call 770.522.9898 or visit You may e-mail Larry Feldman with any questions at; please include “Aikido” in the subject line.

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