Become better on the courts, the courses, the trails, you name it; and get there through sport specific training. It’s no longer about doing more of the same, but doing more with more. Add length to your drive, power to your serve, and elevation to your jumps by focusing on the essential muscles and the appropriate conditioning. Our Certified Personal Trainers know how to make your actions more efficient and your reactions more effective. Ask about any interest from basketball and golf, to marathons and triathlons, and we’ll coach, push, cheer and motivate you to personal records and new goals. 

Tri Club
The Concourse Athletic Club Tri Club bills itself as a social group with a triathlon habit. Our membership includes beginners, to triathletes who have completed several Ironman race events. This combination provides a great support system and great pool of knowledge and information for our Members.  Our Tri Club membership starts each year with a kickoff party. We offer quarterly complimentary clinics, complimentary race entry spot lottery, Fit Kits at cost at Cadence Bikes, an infamous Pancake Repeats Breakfast hosted by Jim Devaney, and a season ending party.

The Concourse Athletic Club Tri Club believes in giving back to the triathlon community.  We are annual sponsors for Getting2Tri and CAC Tri4Tourette.  In addition this year, we will help sponsor the GA Multisports Women's Ackworth Sprint Triathlon as the Knights of Transition.

:: Annual Membership fee for the Tri Club | $25

For more information and to register for the Concourse Athletic Club Tri Club, please contact Tracy Meazell at 770.698.2090 or

Tri Core Training
Core Training specific to triathletes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM. Participants meet on the basketball court.

:: $45 monthly fee or $15 daily drop-in fee
:: $65 monthly fee for Non-Members or $20 daily drop-in fee

For more information, please contact Tracy Meazell at 770.698.2090 or Register at Member Services or with Expert Trainer, Calvin Cole.

Tri Swim Training Programs located in Aquatics

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