ALTA/USTA Team Coaching
Team practices are organized for USTA and ALTA players. For more information, please contact us at 770.698.2080.

:: $80 | 60 minutes/one pro; $150/two pros
:: $120 | 90 minutes/one pro; $220/two pros

Tennis Socials
Join us for a fun evening as we mix it up on the tennis courts. We will have approximately two mixers per month. Sign up by contacting the Tennis Desk at 770.698.2080.

:: $15 | Participant

Cardio Tennis is High-Intensity, Heart-Pounding Fun
Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity consisting of heart-pumping tennis drills and games that give players of all abilities the ultimate, high-energy workout. With Cardio Tennis, you can consistently elevate your heart rate into your aerobic training zone.  Achieve a great workout while improving your tennis skills.

Member, $15 | Non-member, $20
:: Monday | 6-7PM 
:: Tuesday | 11-12PM 
:: Wednesday | 6-7PM 

Drill & Play: The Best of Both Worlds
Drill & Play is 45 minutes of drilling and 45 minutes of coached match play designed to get you geared up for your next match. Before the class begins, the players discuss what aspects they need to improve and our pros plan their lesson accordingly. All levels are welcome and if ever there's an odd number, then our pro will step in for match play.

Member, $20 | Non-member, $25
:: Tuesday, Men's | 6:30-8PM 

:: Thursday, Women's | 6:30-8PM 
:: Friday, Women's | 9:30-11AM 

Fitness Tennis: No Tennis Balls; All Tennis Footwork!
Fitness Tennis takes you to the basketball court to go through some of the toughest tennis-based footwork drills the world as to offer. Burn more calories than singles or doubles tennis. Receive short cycles of high-intensity workouts with periods of rest (similar to interval training).

Member, $15 | Non-member, $20 
:: Wednesday 11AM-12PM  

Sign up by contacting the Tennis Desk at 770.698.2080 or email