Youth Tennis Program 

We're a complete Tennis Program providing all junior tennis players the training, coaching, and resources they need for success. Students at beginning levels get the expert coaching and instruction necessary to develop their talents. Intermediate players are challenged and educated to be professional on and off the court, and advanced players get the special attention and high-performance training required to help them evolve to their highest levels. Tournament players and students with highly exceptional talents and who have goals of achieving national rankings, getting scholarships for colleges, and making the Pro Tour, are provided with management, mentoring, and guidance to help them reach their dreams and goals.

Junior Schedule

:: Red Ball, (4-6) 3:30-4PM
:: Orange Ball, (7-10) 4-5PM

:: Green Ball, (9-12) 4-5PM
:: Intermediate, (12-16) 5-6PM

:: Red Ball, 3:30-4PM
:: Orange Ball, 4-5PM
:: Elite Training, 5-6:30PM

:: Green Ball, 4-5PM
:: Elite Training, 5-6:30PM

:: Open Match Play, 4-6PM

Tennis Level Descriptions for Juniors

Player has never played tennis before and never had a lesson/class. Players do not know their skills or abilities.

Advanced Beginner
Player has some skills and abilities, with some knowledge of court rules, or is unsure. Player lacks experience and training. Player is still developing basic skills. 

Player has skills and abilities at an intermediate level. He/she still needs more training and experience. Player plays ALTA and may or may not have a USTA ranking. Player is training for school teams. 

Advanced Intermediate
Player has more match experience, training, and has improved skills and abilities. Player is still improving through training for tournaments and matches. Player plays ALTA and USTA tournaments. May or may not have a USTA ranking. Player might be on their school team. 

Players can demonstrate all necessary skills and abilities. Player has singles and doubles strategies. Player is still learning how to win at tournaments or matches. Player is on their ALTA, USTA, or school teams. Player is learning and preparing to become a tennis athlete and tournament player. Player is working on developing his/her skills to reach a world class level.

Tournament Player
Player wins tournaments and leagues, or is a finalist. Player has a ranking or is playing to obtain a local, state, regional, or national ranking. Player is looking to play for colleges or to be recruited into the NAIA, or an NCAA college team. Players may have one or a couple of world class shots or skills. Players have strong strategies that help them win matches and tournaments. 

Age Groups
:: Green | Ages 3 & 4
:: Orange | Ages 5-7
:: Yellow | Ages 8-10
:: Red | Ages 11-14
:: Black | Ages 15-18

2017 Summer Tennis Camp Registration

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