10 Healthy Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Jessica Von Duerring, Pilates and Barre-Certified

Why not give the special woman in your life a gift that not only makes her feel good, but one that is good for her, too? Here are some gift ideas to support your loved lady in starting or maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

1. Dark Chocolate. Here’s a sweet truth if mom has a sweet tooth – dark chocolate packs a powerful health punch. Instead of too-sugary candy or milk chocolate that is higher in saturated fat, opt for dark cocoa which has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke, protect the skin and improve the mood.

2. Fitness Gift Bag. Load up a new gym bag with a few things for the gym. Ideas may include a new sports bottle, pedometer, Fitbit, some new workout attire and an iPod pre-loaded with her favorite workout music.

3. Unique Fruit Bouquet. An edible fruit arrangement is a healthy way to encourage the eating of fresh fruit. Look for gorgeous and delicious bouquets at ediblearrangements.com.

4. Healthy Gift Basket. Help her reach her nutrition and weight loss goals by combining thoughtful gift ideas like a low-calorie cookbook, health bars, infused oils and vinegars for salads, a subscription to a healthy cooking magazine and a personalized journal to track her diet and progress.

5. A Supportive Medal. Erica Sara’s “Race Bling Jewelry Collection” (ericasaradesigns.com) celebrates athletes’ achievements. Have your recipient's name and finishing time engraved on a pretty necklace, bracelet or charm. 

6. Sweat Sessions. If your female recipient is a fan of yoga or Pilates or wants to give personal training a try, set her up with a few classes or private sessions. A gift certificate is a great way for her to try her favorite class/es or set up a one-on-one session at her leisure.

7. Exercise Equipment or Sporting Goods. If you're looking for a gift for an active woman, consider sporting equipment. Does she play golf or tennis? Does she do yoga or kettlebell training? Maybe she enjoys biking or paddling? Specific equipment or props for her favorite activity are sure to delight such an enthusiast.

8. Spa Weekend. Give a gift that will truly touch her this year – a luxurious spa getaway that includes a massage, facial, manicure and/or pedicure. You can either go with her, or get her a gift certificate. 

9. Healthy Brunch. Make the most important meal of the day the most delicious – and healthy. Look up tasty, nutritious brunch recipes online. From eggs and turkey bacon, to whole-wheat pancakes and hearty quiches, the options are endless.

10. Gym Membership. This is a great way to help her kick-start her healthy workout routine. A gym membership can also make a great gift if she already belongs and wants to renew her membership. Consider buying one for yourself, too, and work out as a team! Find a Club location.

Finding a gift that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle can be a challenge, but with this guidance you’re sure to wrap up the perfect present. Now get shopping!