5 Fall Activities for Fitness and Fun

by Jessica Von Duerring, Senior Copywriter & Certified Pilates Instructor

As daylight dwindles and the wind becomes more chilling, it’s important not to “fall” off the workout wagon. Rather, embrace this beautiful time of year and take advantage of all the active, autumn-inspired outdoor activities! From pumpkin patch and corn maze workouts, to hiking, building piles of leaves and playing football, these 5 fun fall activities are sure to get you and your family out and moving:

1.   1. For a good workout at the pumpkin patch, take it far beyond just picking. A wicked way to your core is to perform a “pumpkin swing” with a small- to- mid-sized pumpkin, and carefully holding it by its thick stem with both hands, use it like a kettlebell. A mid-size pumpkin also makes a good medicine ball for chest presses. You’ll need at least two people for this exercise, and then, simply toss the pumpkin from the center of your chest, catch and repeat – until your game turns into a smash. Ever consider doing a plank or push-ups with a pumpkin as a prop? Using a mid-size pumpkin, place your hands in a push-up position on the outside edges and hold a plank or perform push-ups as you would normally. 

2.   2. While walking the coiling paths of a corn maze or during your haunted trail adventure, wander your way to a plentiful hay area to increase your cardio even more – do step-ups on a hay bale. This is a great way to work your calves, quads, and seat. Do as many as you can for one minute, rest, and then repeat.

3. Go for a hike.
Hiking this time of year is a favorite fitness activity for many. It’s not only a wonderful way to see the ever-changing reds, oranges, and yellows; but the air is cooler so you can comfortably hike farther and longer. A longer hike is ideal for those who want to burn a few extra calories.

Rake leaves to burn ample calories. A 125-lb. person burns 120 calories during 30 minutes of raking leaves, according to Harvard Health Publications. Someone who weighs 155 lbs. burns 149 calories, and someone who weighs 185 lbs. burns 178 calories, in that same time frame. Your yard will look great, and so will you.

5. Fall is undeniably the season of football. Instead of gorging on junk food while gazing with glazed eyes at the T.V., bundle up and
go outside for a game of touch football or just play catch. Playing kickball or soccer, engaging in a tennis match or simply walking around the neighborhood to admire fall foliage are also fun options. 

The myriad of activities that will get you fit in the cool, refreshing air are now in full swing, and certainly are a fun way to mix up your standard cardio and strength training routine. Just hurry up and get out there – there’s so much to do before you turn into a pumpkin!