5 Summer Activities to Keep Your Family Active

by Amy Boone Thompson, National Director of Personal Training Services

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to do some impromptu games and activities which will bring the family closer and make fitness part of your healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few simple ideas which can be done with children of any age. For older children, increase the intensity or competition. However you choose to play this summer, doing it together makes it much more enjoyable!

1. Hopscotch and Art
Grab the sidewalk chalk and create fun designs with your children. Then teach them how to play hopscotch and jump through the design together.

2. Kickball
Bring a ball and walk to the park, throw some jackets down to use as bases and teach your children how to play kickball. How about grown-ups against kids?

3. Nature Walk
Take your children on a nature walk and collect interesting leaves, rocks, seashells or samples of dirt. When you get home, create a collage of the items you collected.

4. Jump Rope
Jumping rope is a simple way to have fun and teach a new skill. Get a long rope and two people to turn the rope. Take turns jumping inside and running through.

5. Dinner Walk or Jog

Choose a family-friendly restaurant or dessert spot. Walk to and from the restaurant and play games along the way such as 'jump all of the cracks' or 'run to the nearest tree and back'. Have fun with your children and move your bodies together while enjoying nature's beauty.