Beat the Heat with Indoor Play Time

by Andrea Eaton, Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

August is here and the heat is on! Even though the weather outside can be hot, humid, intimidating and unbearable at times, it is no excuse to remain sedentary. There are plenty of indoor venues that will allow you be active while enjoying some fun exercise. Here are a few ideas to keep you active when you don’t feel like combating the last of summer’s intense rays.

1. Think cool:  Enjoy some time at an ice skating rink or an indoor pool. Several recreational centers have an indoor pool and oftentimes also have an indoor water park that you can enjoy. Ice skating can be quite the challenge, but it is guaranteed that heat will not be an issue!

2. Spin your wheels: Find an indoor go-cart track or roller skating rink. Both of these options are incredibly fun and can make you feel like a kid. I don’t know about you, but I am smiling just thinking about it.

3. Reach for the sky: Visit an indoor climbing facility and learn to rock climb. It is a great workout and a mental challenge as well. If rock climbing isn’t your thing, you could reach for the sky in a trampoline facility. Who doesn’t love to jump on a trampoline?

4. 3 Strikes: Bowling alleys are always a good place to beat the heat of summer. It is inexpensive, relaxing, and a great way to spend some time with loved ones.

5. Just play games: Find an arcade or laser tag facility in your town and give it a try. These are both options that the entire family or group of friends can enjoy.

No matter how hot Mother Nature makes it outside, you can still remain active and enjoy some challenging activities indoors. Just think like a kid and your options will be limitless. Have fun!

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