Learn more about how exercise can help during cancer treatment. 

Find out how Sports and Wellness Boot Camp can help expand your fitness horizons and motivate you to improve your endurance, strength or shape all in one class.

Learn how "Mommy and Me" classes at Sports and Wellness can help ease new moms back into shape after giving birth and simultaneously give them bonding time with their babies.

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Featured Members

Ursula Phoenix Weir

Age: 40
Deputy Associate Director

Success: Size 12 to a size 4

Goals: Maintain current weight and build muscle

After losing 50 pounds and 8 dress sizes, Ursula has a very easy time listing a few of the benefits that came from a healthier lifestyle. “My confidence has improved dramatically; my clothes fit beautifully; and I no longer feel self-conscious about my appearance because I feel incredibly attractive. I could go on and on!” So what’s next? She plans to concentrate on the wellness aspects like diet, adequate rest and mental wellbeing, while still taking advantage of personal training to build muscle and maintain her current weight.

Lauren Noyes

Age: 34
Office Manager

Success: Lost 8" and 4 jean sizes

Goals: Run a 10k & continue weight loss & toning

A great location and a renowned tennis program are why Carol originally decided to join the Club, but a talented staff and exceptional programs have expanded her interests and accelerated her success. After starting Pilates last summer, Carol has lost more than 20 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. “I am more confident and I simply feel good about myself, physically and mentally.” Carol now plans to run a 10K, achieve new goals in Pilates, and become a Group Fitness Instructor.

Aaron Gaskins

Age: 27

Success: A Healthier Lifestyle

Future Goals: Run an Ultra Marathon

With plans to run 4 ultra marathons and complete a 400 mile bike ride this year, Aaron is serious about staying healthy. "Making fitness a 'lifestyle' impacts how I eat and how I spend my time," he says. Variety plays a big part in his success. Aaron has worked with a handful of different Personal Trainers at the Club, and bounces from free weights to swimming to functional training and yoga to keep him energized and balanced. The swimming will certainly come in handy as he also hopes to do his first Ironman.