Make Your Thanksgiving Fun and Active

by Michael Ritter, Certified Personal Trainer

I can hardly think of a better moment than crossing the finish line of my first 5k a few years ago.I fondly and vividly remember completing the race amidst a host of cheering friends and family, feeling both thrilled and exhausted. I won’t mention my finishing time because it was incredibly slow; however, the post-race beer and fun T-shirt soon soothed my pain. My parents surprised me by driving an hour and half to see me run. When it was over, despite my embarrassingly slow time, they kept using the words “proud” and “impressed.” Those words resonated with me for quite some time, and I learned something very important that day. The truth is that fitness and families come together at the most important parts of our lives. After all, on the surface we all desire to look better aesthetically, but internally we all have an innate desire to have a purposeful role in our loved ones’ lives. By advocating a fun and active lifestyle, you can be a role model for your kids or encourage a parent, sibling or friend to do the same so they can, in turn, enhance their quality of life.

Thanksgiving might be the biggest platform in which we can take action to inspire the ones closest to us. Very few times of the year do people insist on taking such quality time to demonstrate care for one another. So, while you have their attention this year, seize the opportunity to take them out to a local run or walk where camaraderie fills the air like Silver Bells at Christmas time. is a great place to search for local Turkey Trots where a small fee usually covers an entry fee, a free T-shirt and medal, and an amazing family friendly environment filled with inspiring people, music and lifelong memories. If races aren’t your thing, there are many other events to take part in, such as camping, flag football, a family neighborhood stroll, fishing, hiking and even shopping ‘till you drop. The best part is that the plentiful Thanksgiving-themed events often contribute to a charitable cause, so you will most certainly be helping others in need.

There is no downside to getting outdoors this Thanksgiving and taking another step toward creating an extraordinary holiday season for you and your family.  May your Thanksgiving be a fit, happy and healthy one!

Make your Thanksgiving fun by going beyond TV football. Keep your holiday fun and fitwith these activities.