I’ve heard Pilates is an excellent cross-training choice for athletes. Why? - Anna B.

Pilates is an extremely effective, safe way to cross-train for all sports and activities. Whether you’re looking to improve your golf or tennis swing, running or cycling time, ski technique or swim stroke, Pilates is advantageous because it uses functional, controlled movements – primarily focused in the core – to improve muscle balance, stability, strength and flexibility. Sessions can be tailored to your individual athletic needs and goals.

Pilates is an especially ideal form of cross-training for those with injuries, limitations or chronic pain. This is because the unique, adjustable springs on Pilates equipment provide resistance as the muscles contract, so there is minimal stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons. 

Add Pilates to your cross-training routine today! Consistent workouts, which can be as challenging as you desire, will profoundly affect the way your entire body feels, functions and ultimately, performs.

- Jessica Von Duerring, Certified Pilates Instructor