The FUNdamentals of Personal Training

by Jonathan Jaramillo, Personal Training Manager

The challenge for most gym-goers is finding the FUN in working out. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain strength, the question still remains – is having fun something I can accomplish successfully? The answer is yes!  Now, the question is how...

Seventy percent of all Americans will begin at least one exercise program in their adulthood; eighty percent will quit in less than three months. Why is this? People either become bored with their workout routine, or other obligations get in the way of reaching their fitness goals. These are the “FUN”damentals of personal training. Having a Certified Personal Trainer is much more than just having an exercise instructor who assigns you workouts. It is a truly personalized experience to help you achieve your individual fitness goals while having fun. It is important to connect with a personal trainer and have the support you need to overcome any obstacles. Every session is one step closer to your goal, and all of us can benefit from working under the expertise and guidance of a personal trainer. Lose weight, gain muscle, get faster, live longer and feel better. 

The FUNdamentals of personal training begin with structure. Having structure in your workout regime is the key to personal success in accomplishing your goals. A trainer should design a progression-based program that is specific to your personal goals, which will make it much more exciting for you to come to the gym for a new workout. A trainer can also design a structured program to fit your fitness level. The most common challenge is motivation. Having motivation is a must and when times get hard, you can turn to your trainer for support and the knowledge to overcome obstacles that may stand between you and your goals. There is no need to get discouraged. Motivation comes with seeing results. There should be progress made for all the hard work you put into achieving your fitness goals and living a healthy lifestyle.

Research shows that by following a training program created by a trainer, you can reasonably expect to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week and significantly reduce pain associated with injury, disease or postural imbalances. To achieve results, you have to remain accountable to your routine and make the right steps to progress. Accountability is a challenge, and by having a trainer you can stay on track to exceed your fitness goals. This is the core of having fun and working out. 

The FUNdamentals of personal training are to make your goals a reality, and having a trainer who makes it a new and stimulating experience for you every time you come to the gym is the best way to achieve this. Get to know a personal trainer by asking for help or advice with any fitness needs. Personal trainers are here to support you in your fitness success. Set your fitness goal today and achieve it with the FUNdamentals of personal training!