The Most Fly '90s Workout Playlist

by Jessica Von Duerring, Pilates and Barre-certified

In case you need some variety on your workout playlist, I’ve compiled a list of songs from the '90s to give an old-school lift to your routine. Enjoy a blast from the past as you sweat to the beat of these jams! 

1. Ace of Base — The Sign
2. Blackstreet — No Diggity  (also check out the Three Bar Remix)
3. Everclear — Father of Mine
4. Weezer — My Name is Jonas 
5. Mariah Carey — Always Be My Baby
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers — Give it Away
7. Spice Girls — Wannabe 
8. Pearl Jam — Even Flow 
9. Six Mix-a-Lot — Baby Got Back 
10. Chumbawamba—Tubthumping
11. Michael Jackson — Black or White
12. Sugar Ray — Fly
13. Boyz II Men — Motownphilly
14. Reel Big Fish — Sell Out
15. Sublime — Santeria 
16. C+C Music Factory — Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) 
17. Beastie Boys — Intergalactic
18. Counting Crows — Mr. Jones 
19. Hanson — MMMBop
20. The Offspring — Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
21. Radiohead — Creep
22. Robyn — Show Me Love
23. Guns N’ Roses — November Rain
24. The Verve — Bittersweet Symphony 

Do you see your favorite '90s hits on this list? Go ahead and burn yourself a CD for your walkman—I mean, update your iPod—with these bomb tunes next time you work out.