Your opportunity to play for the Lobos may have come and gone, but you want to continue to play basketball. You fell in love with the sport as a kid, and at Downtown Sports & Wellness you can continue to work on your game and get a great workout. Your heart and lungs will appreciate the running and jumping, and you will also increase strength and flexibility while burning fat. With so much bending, twisting and short bursts of energy, your body is moving in new ways, which translates well over to other activities.

According to Harvard Heart Letter, you can burn as much as 700 calories during an hour of basketball. That’s a fantastic number and even better when you consider you’re doing something you already enjoy – you’ve suddenly gone from working out to playing a game. We’ve made finding a basketball court in Albuquerque very easy.

Take advantage of our convenient downtown location and start working on that jump shot.

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