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You have found the leaders in functional training. We strive to provide services that are far and above our competition, because we know you are looking for the best sources for fitness, athletic performance, fitness testing and clinical exercise. 

Only at the Sports & Wellness-Downtown, this unique and progressive approach focuses on the physical and mechanical elements of each client to design programs that are from the most up to date research. Each trainer is part of a collaborative team that shares their knowledge and expertise with all other trainers. They also receive the most education on a weekly and monthly basis to progress their knowledge and increase their professional capabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to present the most up-to-date, scientifically proven exercise protocols to assist people with their health and fitness goals. Our approach takes in all medical and personal concerns when designing efficient and effective exercise programs to improve independence, function and overall health.

Our Vision

Our vision allows us to provide exercise and fitness programs for healthy individuals and for those with physical and developmental disabilities. Our approach is precise and scientific in order to create an individualized program to suit our client's specific needs. Each person is evaluated on his or her current medical and mechanical needs so that we can provide a plan for accomplishing functional independence and health goals.

Personal Training

Our personal training approach is to optimize your workouts so you can achieve your goals in the amount of time you have available and help you stay motivated by offering new, unique and proven routines and protocols. We design exercises and routines according to your comfort of mechanical movements, goals and your level of fitness.

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology is the application of scientifically-based exercise principles adapted to enhance the strength, endurance and mobility of individuals with functional limitations, or those requiring extended physical conditioning resulting from clinical concerns or injury.

Athletic Conditioning

In addition to speed and agility drills, SPT’s goal is to determine which mechanics are weak. It is these weak actions that prevent peak performance. Implementing exact drills and exercises to strengthen weak movements builds a more powerful athlete.

Members receive:

:: Access to nationally Certified Personal Trainers
:: Two complimentary Personal Coaching Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer
:: A Path to Success Personalized Workout Plan to kick off your individual goals and fitness program
:: Free Fitness Coaches to assist in equipment demonstrations, spotting or overall workout questions 

Small Group Training Classes are taught by Certified Personal Trainers. Sessions are designed to expand your knowledge about different techniques, let the trainer challenge your fitness abilities or just let the trainer design your workout for the day! 

It’s all about what works for you, and that’s when the fun begins.
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