The decision to work with a personal trainer doesn’t mean you have to be targeting your first Ironman or that you’re hoping to lose 100 pounds in six months. For many of our members at Downtown Sports & Wellness, it can be as simple as motivation. Having someone track your progress is motivation in itself, but just the right amount of encouragement goes a long way. 

It’s a remarkable feeling to do more than you thought possible, and it’s those last few reps that make a big difference in your fitness. We are confident that we have the best trainers in downtown Albuquerque. Conditioning has come a long way over the past decade, and you no longer have to feel like a workout means going from the squat rack, to the bench press and to lat pull-downs. 

Try a session with a trainer and discover just how exciting and unique it can be. And that leads us to yet another reason to seek out one of our top notch trainers: they will tailor each session to your goals, no matter how big or how small. While the workout routine they create for you may lead to decreased body fat, your spouse or best friend can do a completely different series of exercises that results in a faster 10k. They’re that good, and the improvement is that rewarding. But, you may be considering an entirely different reason to contact our Personal Training Manager and we invite you to give them a call and discuss the possibilities. 

Members receive:
:: Access to nationally Certified Personal Trainers
:: Two complimentary Personal Coaching Sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer
:: A Path to Success Personalized Workout Plan to kick off your individual goals and fitness program
:: Free Fitness Coaches to assist in equipment demonstrations, spotting or overall workout questions 

Small Group Training Classes are taught by Certified Personal Trainers. Sessions are designed to expand your knowledge about different techniques, let the trainer challenge your fitness abilities or just let the trainer design your workout for the day! 

It’s all about what works for you, and that’s when the fun begins.

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