The commitment of one-on-one personal training may not be for everyone, but in a small group you still have the benefits of a nationally Certified Personal Trainer along with the motivation and camaraderie that comes from working with others. You can quickly see how you’re getting the best of both worlds here, can’t you? Our groups typically range from 4-8 participants, and then it’s all about pushing yourself to reach your individual goals, aided by the knowledge of our expert staff. A little friendly competition may help as well, but the focus is on having fun and getting fit. 

Try one of our popular programs like TRX Total Body Challenge or Biggest Winner at Downtown Sports & Wellness. Small groups, accelerated results , and Nationally Certified Personal Trainers make these programs perfect for begginers and adavance fitness levels. Even though we’re talking about groups, it still comes back to you. 

New classes start on the 1st Monday of every month. Get started in any of the below small group training classes today!

H.I.T. High Intensity Training
:: 2 times a week option and 3 times a week option
:: Burn more calories in less time
:: Metabolic Conditioning
:: Click here for more information.

Kettlebell Calorie Burn
:: 4 weeks, 2 times per week.
:: Learn to use or progress your skills
:: Acclerated results and great endurance
:: Contact Jonathan Jaramillo at for more information

Swim Fit
:: 4 weeks, 2 times per week, 30 mins
:: Begginning swim sets and On land circuits
:: Cross-train and Build Confidence in Water
:: Contact Amelia Ball at for more information

Total Body Experience
:: Every Thursday at 5:30PM
:: High-intensity circuits that include resistance training and plyometric training
:: Body weight and core specific workouts
:: Contact Jaime Montano at for more information

Biggest Winner
:: 8 weeks, 3 times per week
:: Pre- and post-body assesments
:: Weight Loss and Interval Training
:: Contact Jonathan Jaramillo at for more information

TRX Total Body Challenge
:: 4 weeks, 2 times per week
:: Suspension excercises created using only your body weight
& look great for summer
:: Simultaneously develop strength, power, endurance
:: Contact Chris Chavez at  for more information

Womens Weights and Conditioning
:: Groups are forming now for Friday classes
:: Gain Build lean muscle and lose unwanted pounds
:: knowledge on proper technique and programming for your goals
:: Contact Nicole Schreik at  for more information

To find out more, to sign up, or to take a free sample class, please contact our Personal Training Manager at 505.242.1500. Get started today!

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