Living or working in downtown Albuquerque certainly has its perks, but a bit more stress may also come with the benefits of convenience. At Sports & Wellness, we recommend incorporating yoga into your weekly routine. 

In addition to being a phenomenal workout, yoga combines several techniques that help with stress reduction. Instead of simply sweating your stress away, yoga will include breathing, stretching and focus. Everyone has heard how yoga can help with flexibility, and whether you’re a young athlete or the head of a business or enjoying your golden years, being flexible always has its benefits. What comes as a result of your practice is a stronger, leaner, calmer you.

Our downtown location offers classes in the morning and evening as well as the middle of the day for those who want to feel centered and invigorated in the afternoon. If you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, our dynamic instructors will take you through sun salutations, moon salutations, sitting postures and inversions. Prepare to be challenged or feel free to modify the poses and bring the session to your personal comfort level. Yoga isn’t a competition, but you will push your mind and body while still being content with wherever you are in the moment. That’s a wonderful little experience, which is why yoga has become more and more popular as our lives are busier than ever.

Check our online schedule, find a class that fits into your day, and continue to enjoy everything that is downtown Albuquerque.

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