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Commited to the most comprehensive positions specific training program in New Mexico

Do you want to be a better football player? Do you want to be the best? The first step is preparation. As the saying goes, there is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory. Or how ‘bout when you are not practicing, remember someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet them, they will win.

Work with Coach Carl Bruere at our Riverpoint location and maximize your potential. Coach Bruere has played and or coached at every level of football. During his career, he has worked and been to clinics with many of the top coaches in the country. Coach Bruere specializes in individual position skills training.

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S.W.A.T. Program Testimonials

Prior to meeting you I thought Braden was a pretty good football player. He had only played tackle for a year and had played flag football for 5 years. I will never forget that first practice...I thought to myself how much Braden really didn't know...more over, couldn't do. Rather than focusing on the negative, you encouraged him throughout the entire practice. I've learned you weren't just being nice...you coach by focusing on the positive. Your coaching and mentoring have taken Braden to an entire different level. Not only physically, mentally. His skill gets better each day and he loves it! He feels better about his ability to "be athletic" and his self-confidence has improved...I can't thank you enough! You, your hand-picked assistant coaches, and S.W.A.T. are honestly the best! Thank you!

– Wendy

My 12-year-old son Brandon began quarterback instruction with Coach Bruere in the Summer of 2016. He has been with him every week since. Coach Bruere provides an environment to obtain maximum effort and give the highest quality instruction possible. Coach Bruere has set the foundation for my son’s throwing mechanics and footwork to improve with every instruction. He focuses on the fundamentals and leadership required for the quarterback position. He always has my son’s future success and best interest on and off the field in mind. Coach Bruere’s attention to detail, passion, and work ethic has made my son one of the best youth quarterbacks in the league.

- Bryan Olivas


Meet Coach Bruere


With a resume that features either playing or coaching football at every level from high school and college to the NFL, Coach Carl Bruere is the new leader of the SWAT program. When you include his attitude and the fact he’s been running Air Bruere Position Specific Training for the past seven years while developing multiple all-district and all-state players, Sports & Wellness is fortunate to have someone with his strengths and expertise.

“Making young athletes better is what drives me,” he says after guiding quarterbacks and wide receivers to New Mexico and national records. “Seeing their hard work pay off as they get better each and every training session is where I’ve educated myself.”

Highlight reel

High school coach – 14 years
Offensive coordinator – 9 years
Average yearly offensive output – 35 points | 3,000 passing yards | 1,800 rushing  yards
6 District Championships
2 State Championships
College signees – 5 quarterbacks | 8 wide receivers | 2 running backs

“What can Coach Carl do for their child and why am I the best choice to make them better is all a parent really cares about,” Bruere states. “I have the proven results.”

Meet Coach McKinley


"I am originally from Moreno Valley California, where I fell in love with this beautiful game they call football. I started my love of the game at the tender age of 9 years old by playing "throw-up-tackle" in the front yards of neighbors and friends. During this time is when I decided I wanted to make a career of it. I started organized football at the "Pop Warner" level = to YAFL. I was able to fulfill my dreams and passion by playing all 4 years of high school at Canyon Springs. Where I was a starting receiver and cornerback. This is where I completely realized that I had a gift. That gift was solidified, when I was rewarded a full ride scholarship to become a student athlete at the University of New Mexico. I was fortunate to play and start at right cornerback 3 of the 4 years I attended the university. I completed my playing career in the (CFL) Canadian Football League where I competed for two years."

"Shortly after my playing career, I began to coach the sport that I am so passionate about. I started coaching in 2009, at the (YAFL) level. After two super bowls, I realized that my coaching knowledge was good enough and it was time to move on. I then began to coach at the high school level in 2012 thru 2017. At the high school level, I've been a defensive coordinator, defensive backs, and special teams coordinator. I have enjoyed it all! During my high school coaching career I have had the privilege to coach every level. Nine district titles, two state titles can’t even explain the true pleasures that I received from coaching, Moreover; the relationships, failures and friendships may be the stories that I will talk about for years to come."