Say the word “swimming” and it can have a few interpretations. There are those who will immediately picture a full-body workout that is like no other. Someone else will think back to their younger days and taking swim lessons, while others may envision hot summer days spent by the pool and swimming meant cooling off. No matter your definition, you can do all things swimming at Riverpoint Sports & Wellness because we have an entire Aquatics Program and Swim Academy. Better yet, with an indoor pool, a seasonal outdoor pool and a baby pool, you can swim all yearlong.

During the summer, this is where families from Rio Rancho and Corrales come to relax or keep the kids active by being a Member of the Riverpoint Piranhas Swim Team. If your son or daughter isn’t quite ready to take the plunge with the daily practices and weekly meets, we offer private lessons, youth swim clinics, pre-swim team and swim team training. Our most popular summer program is summer Aqua Kids group lessons. The ratio is one instructor to five children and the 30-minute sessions are broken into skill levels. How easy is that? Before you begin to think we focus only on the next generation, we should mention that private lessons are available for those who want to learn to swim, improve their technique, or develop a faster swimming leg of a triathlon. Speaking of technique, Water-Tech for pre-Masters is designed for Members 18 years and older and is ideal for individuals who have some swimming experience but are looking to improve their stroke and build strength in the water.

Our Masters Program is available year-round and is a coached interval workout focusing on all aspects of competitive swimming and triathlon training. Told you we had something for the adults. To register for any of the programs or to simply start on your interpretation of swimming, please contact the Hospitality Desk or the Aquatics Director at 505.897.3716.

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