Are you bored with your same old fitness routine? Are you looking for a challenging resistance exercise and an unparalleled core workout? Then it’s time to join one of the many Rio Rancho Pilates classes at Riverpoint Sports & Wellness.

Pilates was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, a German athlete interested in the connection between body strength and overall health. Since then it’s been steadily gaining popularity for its ability to produce lean, strong bodies. By focusing on the center, or “powerhouse” of the body, this fitness method stabilizes the abdominal muscles and promotes balance, coordination, flexibility and good posture.

Riverpoint offers Mat Pilates classes complimentary as part of its Group Fitness Program. Classes are taught by dedicated and experienced professionals who will help you understand your own skill levels and limitations. First-timers are encouraged to inform the instructor that it is their first visit and will immediately have our assistance in setting up their individual spaces and understanding the basics of the upcoming class. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged to try Mat Pilates at Riverpoint! 

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